Control de Calidad


 Raw materials 


Standalone advertising player mainly consists of four sets of parts, that is, casing, panel display, circuits, and speaker systems.


Casing: our players have two different types of casing, one is plastic which was shaped by injection molding; another is made of metal. With dedicated design, our 7 inch player is made of ABS material which is durable and strong. Metal casing normally is used in bigger size player like 10, 15, 19 etc. It is much easier to change the appearance and inside structure to fit customized demand.


Panel: we purchase new brand panel with A Grade for our players, like Innocolors, Hannstars, AU etc.


Circuits: the circuits are designed by ourselves and manufactured in the PCBA factories which have cooperated with us for a long time. Under stable quality, we are always striving ourselves to developing more advanced function.


Speaker: sound is the first impact to client. Good quality of sound will greatly bring more pleasure and enjoy to clients. Taking high importance of speaker quality, we choose qualified speakers even with higher cost for our player to ensure the entire quality.


IQC Flow Chart


When the materials are incoming, our IQC strictly inspect them per standard. IQC flow chart is as below:



 IPQC Flow Chart

While the goods are under assembling, our IPQC strictly inspect the production and products according to work instruction. IPQC flow chart is as below:



Hay varios nombres diferentes para HD Signage digital, como Pantalla de Signage digital, LCD Anuncios Publicitarios, Reproductor Signage Digital, LCD Jugador (reproductor) Publicitario, Anunciando la Demostración(Pantalla), Anunciando la Pantalla, Jugador Publicidad, Reproductor Digital en Red de Anuncios, LCD Signage digital, Signo Digital, Publicidad Dinámica, Anunciando Signage, jugador(reproductor) de Medios de LCD, POP al Jugador(Reproductor) de Vídeo etc. Al principio, la gente se acostumbró a la utilización de la publicidad estática como vallas publicitarias impresas para llamar la atención de los passer. Sin embargo, hoy día, con el desarrollo de tecnología, cada vez más las compañías encuentran un camino más eficaz, que debe usar la publicidad dinámica qué contenido digital es jugado en un jugador(reproductor) publicitario. No importa está en un supermercado, tienda de una cadena, o estación de ferrocarril, esto trae a passers un impacto enorme por visual y de audio, y mucho más fácil a capturar sus atenciones para aumentar ventas y mejorar la conciencia de producto.